Top 5 Summer Travel Tips

Summer means vacation! So here are our top 5 packing and travel tips to help you pack the right thing, the best way!

This is something Jess did before she went to Italy this past April, and it’s brilliant!  Check the hashtags for where you’re going.  I know.  It sounds weird and kinda stalkery, but there is no better way to find out what the real weather is like and what people are wearing, than to look at the photos people are posting to #Rome (or wherever you are traveling).  You might even find a few fun places to go while you’re there.  It’s also helpful to look at the 10 day forecast on

Matchy Matchy:
If you pack in one color scheme it makes packing so much easier.  It doesn’t have to be all the same color, but if you back only outfits that go with black sandals then the odds of everything in your bag being able to mix and match are way higher.  Also, one color of shoes means way less space is taken up by multiple pairs of flats and heels.

Mind the gaps:
There is some much lost space in places where you aren’t looking for it.  Fill every shoe, zipper pocket, even the outside pockets.  You can back in one small bag if you really utilize the space. 

Fun in the sun:
Try to find a beach bag that will lay flat and pack easily.  It will be a huge help for beach trips.  Also, buy sunblock there.  Odds are the one you have in the back of your bathroom cabinet has expired anyway, and they take up space.  Make sure you buy some first thing, because it’s important, but saving the potential mess and the room is great!

Roll up:
It’s amazing how much space you save when you roll your smaller garments, like t-shirts and pants, like little sleeping bags.  You can fit much more, and then lay your thicker sweatshirts and sweaters on top.

We hope that helped! Safe travels everyone!
Jen & Jess


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