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It’s almost Labor day, which means the end of Summer and the beginning of my favorite time to be in New York City, Fall.  You can just start to find the brown, crackly leaves on the ground, and I can’t help but dance in them. 
 Every new season marks the next chapter in our story, like the tick marks on the kitchen door frame to see how tall we’ve grown. What will this chapter say?  Which new characters will be introduced? How will it end?

 Fall can be a stressful time for some people.  The start of a new school year, the weather getting colder, the Holiday’s approaching.  We write our to-do lists and don’t know where to start.
Don’t forget to dance.  Smash the leaves with your feet.  Stop and take deep breath.  The stress will still be there after your cup of apple cider, and maybe giving yourself a little break will help you tackle that to-do list with a bit more energy and perspective.  
Live a fuller life between the checked boxes on your to-do list.  That is our goal this season.  Yours and mine together.  Lets breathe new life into everyday, and fill it with wonder. 
Dress: Alice Maxi by Shabby Apple
Featured Giveback Brand:

  Shabby Apple: Shabby Apple is committed to sharing a portion of their profits with organizations devoted to helping women in less developed countries. They are grateful to their nonprofit partners for their commitment to fight against global poverty and domestic violence by giving women the tools they need to achieve health, safety, and prosperity. 
They are currently contributing a portion of their profits to the Maya Relief Foundation, whose mission is to empower people with solutions to become self-sufficient and “work their way out of poverty, improve their health, and to insure a better future for their children and their communities.”


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