The Best Shower and Wedding Gift Idea

Shower and Wedding gifts are hard because more and more, you want something unique and meaningful.  I’m not saying that ignoring the registry is a good idea.  Those things are hand selected for a reason, but sometimes it’s nice to mix things up a little.  I tend to lean towards a unique gift for a shower and a registered gift for the Wedding, but either is just fine, and there is no etiquette I know of that says one if better than the other.

Well, we found it!  WineforAWedding is a handcrafted and personalized wine box gift, that toasts the happy couple on future anniversaries. We thought it was a great idea.  Then once we started seeing all of the options they had for personalization, and how beautifully they turned out, we were sold!  This is such a sweet idea and keepsake for a couple.

You go to their website and choose a style of box, personalize it, and choose when you want them to open their wines. Which anniversaries, or honeymoon, etc.
You can even add quotes, or messages on the inside of the box lids!
After the wine has been enjoyed the box can live on as beautiful decor in their home, and the drawers used to store other trinkets or keepsakes.  It’s a unique, thoughtful, custom gift that long outlives the wine itself.
WineforAWedding is a gift that gets better with age.
Jen & Jess
Thank you WineforAWedding for partnering with us on this post.


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