World Changing University: Class is in session

It’s October, and the chill and promise of Fall is in the air.  Change is all around us, but today we are here to talk about a bigger change than the seasons, we are talking about how to change the world.
We had the great privilege of connecting with the wonderful people from NotJustShop, an apparel line serious about changing the world for the better.  Based in Poland, they have one mission: to help kids who need it, and make the world a better place.
The kids that they want to support out of poverty or health problems become the designers.  Taking ownership in the product and process.  Giving them self worth along with support for school supplies, education, and basic needs.

NotJustShop is a style of life, a way to show to other people and the whole world that we can change our environment. We help kids and invite them to create with us remarkable products just to show them that anything is possible. That gives them spirit, power, and a feeling that they are not alone in their problems, because we are with them.”

 NotJustShop has asked us to create a pocket for them for a shirt of our very own.  We are humbled and flattered, and thrilled beyond measure to join this fine line designers who are changing the world, one shirt at a time.
 I guess the best way to change the world, is to believe that you can, and then continue to believe that you can even when it gets hard, or seems impossible.  I think that’s why the world is often changed by the young.  We are too naive to know better.  Too blinded by passion to really take in how high the mountain is we are rallying people to climb.  And so we do.  We climb it.  And we don’t look down until we reach the top.  
We change the world one day at a time.  Starting with people.  Investing in them.  Loving them.  And watching that love change them.
“World Changing University” sweatshirt: NotJustShop // Gold Cuffs: Red Earth Shop {$38.00} fair trade // White braided bracelet: Half United {$34.00} this bracelet provides 7 meals for children in need // Purse: Angela & Roi  {$65.00} proceeds go to cancer research.
Thank you NotJustShop, for empowering kids through creativity and art, and for changing the world and being superheros.

Thank you to the amazing Sarah Jenkins Photography for the beautiful photos! 
Jen & Jess


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