This week has been heartbreaking and beautiful, in the way that heartbreak breeds camaraderie and love. Paris and Kenya attacks, refugees trying to find safety, the world at large in so much pain and suffering.
This week I also heard a phrase I had never heard before. “Compassion Fatigue.” It’s fairly self explanatory, but I’m going to explain it anyway. It’s the idea that with all of the charities, non-profits, giveback companies, and hurting people in the world today that we are just exhausted by caring. Who do we cry for? Who do we give to? What do we support? What do we educate ourselves about? 
This phrase broke my heart just a little bit. I understand it. There is a lot out there, and how do you know what causes are worth while and truly helping, and how do you have the emotional energy and time to care about everything?
The thing I love most about my time blogging for Linen, Lace, & Love, is people and companies I have met and been able to work with. Getting to tap into the passion that is out there in the world to change the status quo. To make the world better, kinder, stronger, healthier. Each person, each passion, serves the whole. We need all the passion, all the drive, in every different direction, for every different type of cause. I know there is a lot out there. I know there a so much pain in the world. But never stop caring. Never stop hurting for those who are hurting. 
That is “Brave” caring when it’s hard to care. Fighting when it seems impossible. Remembering to fight, change, live the difference every day. Don’t just settle into everyday life and think that someone else will take care of it. Get out there and love on people. 
Yes, I agree, it’s impossible to care about everything. That is why God made us all so very different, so that as a whole we would care about the whole world. Find your passion for the people around you and then find out how you can help. Be brave. Get out of your comfort zone. And love.
“Brave” drape tee, by O’Shirt, 50% of proceeds go to Glow Cares which offers support to victims of domestic violence. 
“Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness”. So often bravery is pictured as hard, menacing, and aggressive. This design symbolizes that bravery can also be soft, feminine, and beautiful. It wraps people in with kindness and brings joy in all circumstances. You are BRAVE.
I could not have said it better myself.

Thank you to the amazing Sarah Jenkins Photography for the beautiful photography! 


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