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When my lovely friend Brooke, of the blog Charity Girl Problems, was in town we spent an afternoon spreading a little love around New York City.  We took beautiful little knit hearts from the Peyton Heart Project, and left them in Central Park, and Times Square. 
The project is named after Peyton James, a 13 year old who, in the fall of 2014, died by suicide after years of being bullied. “Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24.”  If covering the world in little love notes will help remind anyone hurting that they are special, and that their life matters more than they know, then I will happily pen a million sonnets to strangers. 
“Love is infinite.” It’s all around you.  You may not register when you are receiving love, or when you are giving it.  A smile, a held door, connecting with someone, saying thank you…there is infinitely more love around you than you usually see, and if you spend a day playing the game “find the love in the world” I promise you will win. 
“Love life.” There is so much to fall in love with everyday.  A sunrise, a sunset, a child’s laugh, turning trees in the part.  Fall in love with it.  Start dating your life, and make everything new again.
“Your soul is made of stars.”  You underestimate the power you have inside of you.  You are made of stars, and moon beams, and rainbows.  Let them out.  Start introducing the world to your true potential.
Learn more about how you can get involved by going to their website, http://www.thepeytonheartproject.org, or even make some hearts of your very own.
Kindness isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.  End bullying and suicide.  Every life matters.
Jen & Charity Girl

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