Hold Everything!

Our friend Jen, over at Paisley + Sparrow, is launching a new line of amazing, handmade baskets today!!  
These baskets, aren’t just beautiful, economical, and hand crafter…they also giveback.  They are woven by a group of widows in Tanzania who have taken in orphaned children. 
These women make baskets in their spare time to help with the cost of food, education, and livelihood for themselves and these children.  Do to their location, they have limited options to sell their baskets in Tanzania, so Paisley + Sparrow will now be the first US shop to carry them!
These beautiful, woven baskets are hand made from wild grasses that are collected and dried under the sun. This process takes a week or more depending on rain. The grass is then wrapped in locally sourced reeds the women hand dye and form into baskets. I have already fallen in love with the way they look, and the love they giveback to others in need.
Each basket is unique so if you see one you love you better make it yours quickly.
The smaller ones are $59 and the larger are $69 on Paisley + Sparrow
But Jen has kindly extended a 15% discount when you use the code: LLLove
Hold what you have in a basket that will help carry someone who has nothing. 
Jen & Jess


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