DIY: Star Wars Bottle Koozies

 I know it’s been a while, but this DIY was too cute and too simple to pass up! This can be done for any theme, just switch up the sock! I happen to know that Star Wars socks are in the dollar section at Target right now, so I took it as a sign.
What you will need:
-Needle and thread
-A bottle of choice
Step 1:
 Put your bottle in the sock and cut just below the bottom of the bottle.
Steps 2-4:
-First, turn your sock inside-out.
-Then visually divide the cut seam into thirds, and sew up the middle third.
-Then put the outside edges together and sew them up.
-When you flip your sock back right-side-out the bottom should look like this.
All done! Now enjoy your marathons in style as you lead up to the big release!
Jen & Jess

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