Dancing Through Life

No one said that life was going to be easy.  In fact, most tell you the opposite…and they are right most of the time.
Life is hard, and sad, and uncertain.  And it’s ok to feel that.  Feel that it’s hard.  But don’t ever let that feeling win.  Fight for joy.  Pray for peace.  Find your dance.
Sometimes when I have had a hard or overwhelming week I put on sad music and cry, and follow it up with loud happy music and dance. 
Don’t forget to follow your tears with joy.  Don’t forget this is not the end of your story.  Don’t forget there is still laughter to be had, still reckless abandon to be found, still twirls to be twirled. 
Grey Skirt: LightInTheBox.com // Black body Suit: Urban Outfitters // Gold key bracelet: The Giving Keys* // Gold Rebel Lock necklace “Love”: The Giving Keys* // Ring: UNCVRD Jewelry* // Purse: Angela + Rio* // Boots: Madewell (old)
Don’t forget to dance.
* Featured Giveback Brands:
UNCVRD Jewelry: 40% of ever purchase from UNCVRD goes directly towards Gems Uncovered, and the fight to end human trafficking the United States.
Gems Uncovered exists to love the young girls and women on the streets of Long Beach and Compton, and strives to help unveil the beauty and value that has been overshadowed by brokenness and hurt. 
The Giving Keys: The Giving Keys provides work for people transitioning out of homelessness. Choose your word, and wear it until you feel someone needs that word more than you do…then you give it away. Pay it forward.
Angela + Rio: Fair trade, Vegan handbag line that donates to a different charity depending on the color of the bag. 
Thank you to LightInTheBox.com for partnering with us on this post.

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