French Braided Bun

It’s a new year and with it comes new styles and new looks.  Here is a braided style that I have been wearing in heavy rotation lately.  The best hair styles are the easiest ones.  Quick, simple, but different enough to make people stop you and tell you that they love your hair! This one meets ALL of those criteria. 
With new dues, there are also new do’s.  Things to do differently with your hair care this year are: 
For thicker looking hair – Try a reverse wash once a week, with TRESemme Beauty-Full system.  The reverse wash is condition FIRST! to smooth the hair, and then shampoo out the weight.  Crazy I know!
For shinny, silky hair – Try Suave Coconut Oil Shampoo/Conditioner .  It visibly repairs 2 years of damage.  You can see a difference after just 3 uses.

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How To:
Step 1: Braid your hair in a standard inside-out braid. (*Tip: for a cleaner top of your braid, start it as a standard braid for 1 row, and then flip to inside-out braiding for the rest of the length.)  Don’t know how to braid inside-out? Click here!
 Step 2: Take your tail and wrap it around the base of your braid into a flat bun. (*Tip: make sure it stays flat so you can see the detail of the braid itself.)
 Step 3: Bobby-pin the top layer of your bun, under and up through the bun, so you tuck the tail of your braid in and cover it. 
 Step 4: Pin the other side the same way to keep it flat and in place.
Here’s to a very silky and smooth ’16.

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