We fight them.  We hide them.  We airbrush them.  This year I have decided I would like to get more of them.  More wrinkles. This is how I plan on doing it: smile more, laugh more, and learn as much as I can.
Smile- because joy is beautiful, and it’s also contagious.  People are usually a mirror, and if we greet them with kindness, kindness is returned.  I don’t mind any lines on my face, that prove I have lived joyously.

Laugh- because laughter is the only medicine I like, and I like as much as I can get.
Learn- Every time you learn something, it creates a wrinkle in your brain.  These are the wrinkles I mind least of all.  I hope I am forever a student living in wonder at this world. 
Giveback brands:
 Key “love” cuff: The Giving Keys // Necklace: Tribe Alive 

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