Precious Time

As I write this post at 2am, knowing that my alarm will go off in about 6 hours, and I won’t see my bed anytime soon, I think about time. What it means. And how long we have.
 I have known many people who knew their time on this earth was limited, and I have known others who didn’t know their time was going to be as short as it was.  It’s a funny thing, time. We waist it. We judge it. We take it for granted. And while we do all of those things…it passes us by.
Our friends at TUK Watches aim to inspire people to live, and make time matter. They work directly with RDI (Resource Development International) based Cambodia. The local organization focuses it’s efforts on education and providing clean, safe drinking water to school classrooms and families that are in desperate need.
Every watch you purchase donates an entire water filtration set up for either a school classroom or family to have of their very own.
I am constantly humbled by the realization of how much I take for granted, and grateful for the reminder. 
 I think the secret to making time matter, is treating every moment like it is precious. Being present with people when you are with them.  Taking moments to truly refuel and focus in. Then turning that focus out, to helping others.  The single best use of our time, is always to love.
Watch: TUK Watch // Necklace: The Giving Keys // Hat Pin: Etsy

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