Upside-down French Braided Bun + Pro Tips for healthy hair all winter long!

 Time for another simple go-to hair tutorial.  (Can you tell my hair has finally reached a length where I can do fun things with it again?)  AND! We teamed up with Nexus Really Radiant Hair to bring you our best tips to keep your hair healthy through the winter.
Tips for getting your hair through the winter:
  • Brush your hair before for shower.  The less tangled it is, the less you have to pull on it in the shower and brushing it out afterward.
  • Shampoo just the crown of your head, the ends will get enough shampoo from the run-off as you rinse.
  • For oily hair condition from the middle of your hair to the ends, and leave the crown alone till just before you rinse.  If you have dry hair, condition all of it.  Either way, once you put the conditioner on, brush out your hair with your fingers.  This evenly dispenses the conditioner, AND makes your hair super easy to brush out when you are done.  No split ends from that brush!
  • Leave conditioner in while you shave and body wash, so that it has at least 2-5 min to soak in, and you can multitask.
  • Brush your hair out with a plastic, wide tooth comb, or Wet Brush. Never a bristle brush!
  • Put on a hair serum.
  • If your hair is really hurting from the winter wind: Wash your hair at night and let it air dry while you sleep, so you don’t have to use the blow dryer.  If you have thinner hair like mine, and it drys all kinds of crazy when you go to bed with it wet: Try sleeping on a hair towel (something extra absorbent) to dry the hair faster, and put it in a loose braid with no hair tie before bed.
For more pro tips, head over to:  Nexxus at Sam’s Club .

Upside-down French Braided Bun Tutorial:
Step 1: Flip your head upside-down and brush all your hair towards the floor.  Then french braid, starting at your neck and working your way to just above the ears.  Then continue to braid the rest of that hair to the tips, and band it with a small clear rubber band. (*Note: I only did this step because the back of my hair still has pieces that are too short to go all the way up into a high pony, so you could skip this set and just put your hair in a high pony tail and braid a small piece from the back.) 
Step 2: Take a small handful of mousse and run it through your pony tail.

Step 3: Twist your pony tail and blow dry it with the nozzle facing down.  This will give it a messy, wind blown look that will stay all day.

Step 4: Loosely twist your bun forward, so that the braid shows in the front.  Then wrap it around and pin it with some bobby pins to keep it in place.

All done! Spray with hair spray, and you are good to go. 

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