This year we thought it would be fun to throw an Easter Egg decorating party…for grownups! And we were right!  Why do we stop decorating and painting eggs just cause we get older?  Nonsense! excuses to DIY are for everyone! These are photos from our now “first annual, EGGS-travaganza!”

We teamed up with beautiful friend, and fellow blogger, Charlotte Bydwell, of Cooking for Leisure and Panic (an amazing cooking blog, with the yummiest, healthiest recipes ever!). Charlotte did all the cooking, we did all the decorating, and fun was had by all!
We hit Michaels, Target, and Papersource for everything you see here! These shops never seem to disappoint! 
Along with normal egg dying, we emptied some eggs to make fortune cookie-eggs. You just poke a hole on the top and bottom of your egg with a safety pin. Then blow the yoke and egg white out through the bottom. Once they are cleaned out and dry, you can decorate them and put a little note inside. (for full tutorial click here.)
We used the large eggs from the dollar section of Target (my first stop always!) and wrote on them with chalk paint. 
The menu was to die for! Charlotte really out did herself!  (Plates are by Cheeky, sold only at Target. Each purchase donates a meal to someone in need, right here in the US.)

Frittata Muffins (which were my dinner and breakfast the next morning! Thank you Charlotte.)
Whole wheat vegan carrot cake with coconut frosting. (which I couldn’t help going back for more and more of all night!)

A goat cheese and beet terrine (it tastes as good as it looks)!
Hella Healthy Chocolate Mousse (gluten, dairy and refined sugar free so no one has an excuse to say no to dessert!)
For recipes, and to check out more of Charlotte’s amazing, healthy deliciousness, go to, Cooking for Leisure and Panic.
You know what’s cuter than a Champagne glass? A Champagne glass with a cotton tail on it! 

We just hot glued cotton balls to the back.  The hot glue comes right off, they are all back to normal now 🙂
The spoils of creativity…
So don’t use your age as an excuse not to be creative this year! Hard boiled eggs are a good source of protein.  Painting them is a great source of fun!
Jen and Charlotte (Cooking for Leisure and Panic)

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