What’s in a name?

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
It’s an interesting thing, names, identity.  I always knew I wanted to get married one day, and I remember practicing my name linked to the last name of a boys I had crushes on through grade school–we all did it–but then you get there, and it’s different. 
I had grown to love “Jen Wheeler.” I was proud of her.  I was proud of what that name stood for.

And I didn’t want to change it. I felt like I was being asked to start all over, and although a clean slate can be an exciting thing, it just seemed like this mountain I needed to climb. I was losing a part of myself. My qualitative claim to the family I love, and love being associated with. The girl that I had spent almost 30 years creating. My monogram.

That’s life isn’t it?  It throws changes at you that you thought you were prepared for, until you get there.  Then you whine about them, because you liked things the way they were, but God has a better plan for you life, and allowing Him to make that change in your life, also allows Him to make that change in your heart. 
It’s been four and a half years now, and the “K” in my monogram is just starting to feel like mine.  It’s true, a rose by any other name…. You are still you.  Maybe a name change is a welcome new chapter of reinvention, or maybe you’re more like me and letting go of the girl you knew is a little bit harder, but either way the heart that wears that name is the same heart.  The girl is the same girl.  You are just getting older, and maybe a little bit wiser in the process.  
I wear a new name, but it’s the name of my new life, chapter, home, family. I carry with me all who I was, and it informs the woman I am becoming. I am proud to be joined to a beautiful lineage, an incredible family, and a wonderful man.  I didn’t lose anything in changing my name, I gained. 
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