DIY: Pom-Pom Hat

DIY sun hat

It’s officially Summer, and the big DIY craze this Summer is Pom-poms!! I’m sure you’ve seen them on everything! We are going to do a series on all things Pom, but we are focused on doing DIYs that can all be de-pomed later.  As cute as these fluffy friends are, when this trend is discarded this Winter, we want you to be able to reclaim your hats, totes, and sandals. 😉

DIY hat sunny

Straw Hat and Pom-Pom Ribbon 

Step 1:

IMG_4274 (1)

Measure the ribbon around the hat and center it on the back.

Step 2:

IMG_4276 (1)

Normally I’m a hot glue gun type of gal, but since this a DIY focused on reclaiming your hat later, we used a good old needle and thread.  Just tack it on the front, back, and sides and you’re good to go!

IMG_4312 (1)

Then when you’re ready to go pom-pom free next Summer, you just snip-snip.
Happy sunning!

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