Summer to Fall Pregnancy Essentials

It’s officially Fall, however, it was 90 degrees in Los Angeles this past weekend!  To combat this heat and my growing belly I’ve been wearing a lot of sundresses, so we partnered with Pink Blush (one of my favorite maternity stores) to bring you a summer to fall transition outfit.  Not only are maxi sundresses perfect for this growing bump, but I can wear them after the baby has arrived, score!

Pregnancy Style

This Blue Floral Maternity Maxi Dress is so comfortable and is the perfect wardrobe piece to carry me and my growing belly from summer to fall.

Pregnancy Style

In preparation for my third trimester, I’ve been auditing my wardrobe and looking for wardrobe pieces I can layer, as Los Angeles weather is always unpredictable.  50% chance of rain means it may be 80 degrees by noon, or it’s going to thunderstorm, so I’m all about layering.  God bless sweater weather, a simple sundress and a sweater is the perfect transitional outfit.

Pregnancy Style

Pregnancy Style

This outfit if the simplest transition outfit, hence in my book, it’s an “essential.”  Simply pair a maxi sundress with a comfy sweater, and you’re done.  Pregnancy is tough enough, let’s make this easy.

Pregnancy Style

Some of my other favorite Pink Blush dresses that I think work great for layering as we move into fall are below, enjoy!

Black Long Sleeve Basic Maternity Maxi Dress

Black Lace-Up Plaid Maternity Dress

Olive Draped Maternity/Nursing Maxi Dress

Navy Blue Floral Fitted Maternity Dress

Ivory Grey Striped Fitted Short Sleeve Maternity Dress

Grey Solid Short Sleeve Maternity Maxi Dress



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