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Safety Pin DIY

A lot has happened lately, and honestly it has taken me a while to find the motivation and composure to write something. I will write more later, but this is a first step. A simple DIY that stands for the love, and protection of all people.

After the Brexit hate crimes started to happen more regularly, and so they came up with a small symbol that anyone could wear to show that they are a safe person to come to if you are in danger or feel threatened.  Americans have adopted this symbol from Britain to show the same solidarity in the face of rising hate crimes and hate speech. That we will not stand for it, and that we will do everything in our power to help and protect them.

This is just a start. A very small gesture. But I believe in encouraging any step of love, however small.  Making a stand can be scary. There is so much more to do to protect the rights of all people, but if we all fan the little sparks of love, I think they will grow into a great light.

What you will need:

Safety Pin DIY

Extra Large Safety Pin: Amazon

Charms: Michaels

STEP 1: I used needle nose pliers to open the charms and put them around my safety pin.

Please stay safe friends. Stay safe and know that you are loved.

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