New Year New Eco Friendly Workout Gear! + discount code!

Yoga Democracy

It seems like every year we try to be healthy and fit, and by the end of the year our diet resembles that of Santa Clause, milk and cookies…just me? OK fine.  Well, as we all hit the gym and try to find a healthier lifestyle, here’s a way to feel better before you even hit the treadmill.

(*Prego tip-If you’re doing stretches that test your balance, use a chair.  Stretching is good for pregnant women…falling is not.)


Yoga Democracy is an eco-friendly, fair trade, active wear line committed to recycled fibers.  They are also determined to using suppliers who adhere to a high standard of sustainability in water use and greenhouse gas emissions.  95% of what they produce is made from recycled fibers, and all of their recycled polyester is dyed using a waterless transfer process.


This means you’re doing something good for the environment and yourself! I call that a win win.


As I start to feel less sick I have been trying to be a little more active. If you are looking for some good prenatal workouts check out PopSugar. (and for all my non-prego friends, they have great regular workouts as well.)  They have become my new obsession and I’ve searched youtube high and low for fast, effective workouts. 😉

Yoga Democracy

Leggings: Yoga Democracy Use code LinenAndLaceNY to get 20% at purchase!

Thank you so much to Yoga Democracy for partnering with us for this post, and for working every day to protect this beautiful world we live in.

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  • Brooke Marston
    2 years ago

    I love all the work and effort they put into remaining sustainable and responsible. Plus they’re modern and cute. A win, win, win!!

    And you look adorable pregnant.

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