Feeling Lucky


I was very lucky. Something you may not know about me, I “saved myself” for my wedding night. I can sense the side eye, but it’s true. I got married just shy of 30, and yes, I chose to wait.  The idea didn’t come from my parents. My Mom actually laughed at me when I told her that I wanted to wait to have sex until marriage.  She said she’d support whatever I chose, but that she didn’t do that and didn’t expect that of me either. So the choice was 100% mine, and I took my little 16 year old, had never been kissed before, self down to Cronicles (the Christian book shop in town) and bought myself  a “promise ring”.  It was a simple silver band that had a heart with a cross in the middle of it. I was lucky in the sense that I was given that opportunity to choose.


There are so many who never have that option. The choice is taken from them. Thanks to our friends at UNCVRD Jewelry, there may be more young girls who get the freedom to grow and mature the way they want.  UNCVRD donates a portion of every purchase to help end modern day slavery, and empower those rescued from it.


My little promise ring now lives on in my husband’s wedding band. I had the heart with the cross in it soldered onto the inside of his simple silver ring. Like a little secret between the two of us.  I guess I’ve liked jewelry with a message for a very long time.

UNCVD Jewelry supports women rescued from sex trafficking. Helping them to regain their freedom and re-empower themselves to make their own choices again. I thank God for new beginnings, and for those who make starting over possible.

Earrings and Cuff: UNCVRD Jewelry

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