He’ll Grow Into It


I have thought a lot about how I want to raise my son.  I want him to be a feminist, but still be chivalrous. I want him to think women should run companies, and still open the door for them. How do we as Mothers balance raising this “new man?”

Our amazing friend, Alexis Jones, started yet another world changing organization. Starting with I am that girl where she empowers young woman, she has now launched the ProtectHer campaign. She is speaking in lockerooms around the nation to try to change the model of what makes a man. Insisting top athletes from all over to take a stand against female abuse, and rape.


This new campaign struck such a cord with me that I can’t watch a single one of Alexis’ videos without crying.  This. This is the type of man I want to raise. My prayer for him since before he was even growing in my stomach, was that he would be a Godly man of integrity.  I’ve prayed for his friends, his girlfriends, his school.  Not only that he will be surrounded by good people, but that he will also be a caring and empathetic person.


My prayer for my son is that he will grow into it.  The hat, the message, the man that protects his female friends, who holds his male friends accountable to be better, and who isn’t afraid to make a stand for what is right. #ProtectHer

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