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About Linen, Lace & Love

Once Jennifer and Jessica Wheeler, now Jennifer Kahn and Jessica Bailey.  We are sisters born and raised in San Diego, California. Jess now lives in Los Angeles with her husband JJ, and Jen is still holding down the fort in SD with her husband Brandon.  We had so much fun trying to be DIY brides and designing/making  a lot of the decor for both of our weddings, that we started to get inquiries from other brides and friends, which lead to the idea of starting this blog.  We wanted to have somewhere to post fun ideas, crafts, and just plain life.  For Jess it is mostly a creative outlet, and a place she can organize craft projects and inspiration, and for Jen it is a fun excuse to get to spend time with her artsy little sister and talk fashion, parties, and life lessons.  If we have to be grown ups, we might as well make it fun!

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What is Our Blog?

With all the blogs and recent DIY love out there you no longer have to be a Grandma to love scrap-booking, or have lace doilies on your toilet paper to know how to knit.  You can own a computer and a sewing machine, and know how to work both of them!  In this recent age where crafting is cool, and do-it-yourself projects reign supreme, we thought about where we fit in…We talked a lot about what we wanted this blog to be, and although we loved fashion, we didn’t want it to be a fashion blog; and although we loved planning weddings and parties, we didn’t want it to be only weddings and events.

We wanted it to be a collage of all the things that make up who we are: amateur photographers, build it yourself, do it yourself, not afraid to get covered in spray paint and glitter, and then turn around and get all dolled up and go out with the girls.  Paint covered jeans Saturday afternoon, and something fabulous that night.  We’re somewhere caught in the middle, and so is our blog.  Trying to be fashion conscious, earth conscious, body conscious, and creative all at the same time.  Choosing above all else, to find the joy in all things beautiful.


We hope you very much enjoy it!



Jen and Jess